Videos compare resistance of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge with iPhone 6s Plus

Whenever new top-of-the-line smartphones are launched, YouTubers put them in front of the most diverse tests of resistance. This time, the focus was on the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S7 edge facing, of course, the iPhone 6s Plus.

We are not talking about scientific tests or 100% accurate, but they certainly give a good idea of ​​what to expect from the devices. And both are, of course, super-resistant for everyday use.


The Galaxy S7 officially characterized by Samsung as waterproof, with an IP68 rating. He obviously does better in the test, but the iPhone doesn’t make the least bit ugly for a device that’s supposedly not even “water resistant”:


Here we see why using too much glass on smartphones is not a good idea. The back of the Galaxy started to crack quickly, and it's amazing how the guy couldn't break the front glass of the iPhone at all. , Gorilla 😜

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The fight is good. Let an iPhone 7 totally waterproof this year!

[via Cult of Android]