Videos: Check out some unboxings and hands-on new MacBook Air

Videos: Check out some unboxings and hands-on new MacBook Air

A new and unexpected MacBook Air was released by Apple. The product, which is in pre-sale, will only hit the market on November 7 (at least in the United States), but some lucky ones have already got their hands in the box and made the traditional unboxing.

THE YouTuber Jessica Whitaker was one of those people who had access to the product and tried to share everything on your channel:

Thanks so much Apple for taking me to the MacBook Air event tonight in New York! I still can't believe it and I'm very grateful for the opportunity. This video shares a vlog of the event in Manhattan as well as a unboxing Practical and home-made laptop gold rose gold.

Another channel that got early access to the notebook was the TechMe0ut:

Unpacking the new MacBook Air 2018! Apple recently added a new MacBook Air to its production line that was announced in its keynote. In addition to a new gold tone, it also includes new features like Retina display, Touch ID and a better battery, to name a few. Check out the video to learn more!

Finally, one more channel the NothingButTech88:

Here's a first exclusive look at the MacBook Air 2018. In this video I make the unboxing MacBook Air and give my opinion on it.

Hands-on of the new MacBook Air

How about enjoy and see some hands-on of some vehicles (The verge, Engadget and CNET) who had access to the MacBook Air? Check out:

Apple unveiled the new MacBook Air, replacing the influential but outdated laptop with a new model that adds a high-resolution Retina display, USB-C and Touch ID. The laptop closely resembles the 13.3-inch MacBook Pro that was launched two years ago, but the design has been subtly adjusted to make it a little smaller and more similar to the iconic Air.

Finally. At a Mac and iPad event in Brooklyn, Apple just released the long-awaited successor to the 13-inch MacBook Air, with updates that include a lighter, more compact design; a retina display; faster performance; higher and more severe audio; It is a new (but not necessarily improved) keyboard. Not surprisingly, the company has a demonstration area set up on site, so I went to a test machine to do a hands-on.

We made a hands-on with Apple's latest laptop, which comes with a new Retina display and a new Touch ID on the keyboard.

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Who here wants to buy a new MacBook Air? 😊

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