Videos: and resistance tests have started with the new iPhones [atualizado]

Videos: and resistance tests have started with the new iPhones [atualizado]

Another thing that can not be missing in launches of iPhones are the famous endurance tests. Most of them are poorly done, but they usually give us a good idea of ​​how durable the device is.

So let's check out the first ones focused on iPhones 6s / 6s Plus.

Does it warp?

A few months ago the New Zealanders of the channel FoneFox showed that the Apple Watch is much more water resistant than Ma reports. Now, they put the new series 7000 aluminum housing to the test:

In short: the guy alone almost broke his fingers, but he couldn't bend the iPhone 6s at all. Then, with the help of someone else and using as much force as possible, they managed to bend a little bit.

The conclusion is that it is impossible that these devices will now warp in normal use or inside pants pockets. In fact, goodbye #bendgate.

Drop test

O PhoneBuff he did some traditional drop tests with varying angles and concluded the same as always: the aluminum structure can take a few hits, but when the glass hits the ground there is not much to run for.

Drop test II

A few more varied tests, done by TechSmartt. The problem with these tests is that the damage to the device depends absurdly on how it hits the floor, but overall, it looks good.

Submerged in water

The same TechSmartt placed an iPhone 6s Plus next to a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge in a bowl of water and was impressed with the result. The boy basically gave up on continuing to watch the devices working after half an hour underwater.

Optical stabilization of iPhone 6s Plus

This is not really a resistance test, but it is worth mentioning here as an extra: the GIGA TECH shot the same footage side by side with an iPhone 6s and an iPhone 6s Plus, showing how the optical stabilization of the biggest makes a difference.

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Later, we will post our videos from unboxing and first impressions of the new devices. Stay tuned!

(via AppleInsider, iClarified, Cult of Mac)

Update · 09/28/2015 s 09:05

And yet another incredible water resistance test was released:

Yes, the devices were more than an hour submerged and continue to function.

An update, 48 hours after the test:

Zach Straley shows that everything continues to work perfectly, both on the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus. The only thing he noticed was a diagonal line across the screen of the smaller iPhone, nothing more.

On the other hand:

In this other test, the iPhone 6s Plus plunged deeper and into a pool water (with chlorine). After two minutes, he hung up and no longer came back to life.

(via TNW)