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Video: Turning a Stainless Steel Apple Watch into a Gold

When Apple Watch was originally launched in 2015, we had a Gold Edition line of models costing up to $ 17,000. In the Series 2 and 3 generations Apple retained the Edition line, but switched to a much cheaper ceramic material. In Series 4, she killed the Edition line.

Nowadays we have only two materials to choose from, therefore: aluminum or stainless. Behold, the YouTubers Casey neistat and Zack nelson (from channel JerryRigEverything), homesick for the original Apple Watch Edition, decided to make a stainless steel transformation.

As they show in the video above, I need to carefully clean the watch, then apply a special acid and then bathe it in a 24 carat gold solution. Only the purple liquid shown there in the video is worth about $ 300. Still, it's much cheaper than what Apple charged even because hers was soft gold, not just plated. 😜

Nelson assures that after successful application, the gold crusted on the Apple Watch case will surely last much longer than the watch itself. Good, no!

via iClarified