Video: “The Life and Death of an iPhone”

Video: “The Life and Death of an iPhone”

Nowadays few people have the patience to watch a 7-minute video, but it is worth it. It is a short film called "The Life and Death of an iPhone" (“The Life & Death of an iPhone”) and, as you can imagine, shows what life would be like for a Ma smartphone from its birth until its death reincarnation.

It has a bit of everything (from food photos to traditional dips in the water / falls in the sidewalk), but it's cool to see things from the phone's perspective and see how, in many cases, we look like fools giving so much value to something so material.

The film was written, directed and edited by Paul Trillo. Incidentally, all the scenes were captured with an iPhone and the editing was also done on the Apple smartphone, using the new app Cameo (from Vimeo).

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Nice way to promote it.

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