Video: the iPhone XR camera

We show the look of the iPhone XR and its six colors available, in addition to talking about the LCD screen Liquid Retina 6.1 inches of the device. But what about his camera, is it really good?

In this third video, we show that, in the front camera, absolutely nothing changes from the iPhone XR to the XS and XS Max. We are talking about the very same TrueDepth system, capable of unlocking the device by reading your face and taking pictures in Portrait Mode (with the background out of focus) you can still adjust the depth control.

In the rear camera, we have some differences. The first of them is that the XR does not have the second lens (the telephoto lens), which takes pictures by applying a 2x optical zoom. In other words, you can still zoom in, but it will be digital and you will lose quality.

On the other hand, even though it only has one lens, Apple has implemented Portrait Mode on the rear camera thanks to improvements in the software and processor. The mode, however, is limited to pictures of people (no pictures of your cat or dog applying the effect, at least not natively) and only has three Portrait Lighting Mode options on the X, XS and XS Max iPhones, only five options.

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O thanks Go Imports (reseller of Apple products that aims to supply Ma products at a fair price in Brazil) and iCaiu (technical assistance that offers a practical and safe solution for repairs on your iPhone) for the opportunity to cover iPhone XR directly from Miami!