[Vídeo] The Dark Meadow will be released for Tegra devices

[Vídeo] The Dark Meadow akan dirilis untuk perangkat Tegra

Before any misunderstanding starts here: the following video is not a big scoop. That is, although the title of our article speaks of a Android version of The Dark Meadow, it is not a preview of the Android version. In fact, what you will see in it is precisely the iOS version of the famous horror game The Dark Meadow. After all, so far this game only exists for Apple mobile devices. And anyone who dares to read Appstore user reviews comes to the conclusion: it is a great show of murders and deaths.

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But let’s get down to business. When will the The Dark Meadow should it be released in its Android version? According to announcements from the game’s developer, Phosphor Game Studios: in the first quarter of next year. And an important detail: for devices with Nvidia Tegra. Nothing was mentioned as to whether the devices would be Tegra 2 or 3, which makes us imagine that both chips will be included in this package.

THE The Dark Meadow has its graphics base in Unreal 3 Engine. The fact is: if the Android version has the same quality as the iOS version, there is no doubt that fans of this genre of games will be excited about the super launch. It is important to emphasize once again: to have the game, it is also necessary to have a device with the Tegra chip.

The game has a whole story, no doubt. But what fans want most is undoubtedly to kill monsters.

You awake in a hospital uncertain of how you arrived there or why. An old man warns of a beautiful witch whose minions roam the halls seeking the living. It is only when the witch is destroyed that you will be released from this unrelenting torment.

You wake up in a hospital uncertain how you got there or why. An old man warns him of a beautiful witch whose lackeys roam the halls looking for the living. It is only when the witch is destroyed that you will get rid of this incessant torment … (Brr …)

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