Video shows why tvOS doesn't come with Safari

Video shows why tvOS doesn't come with Safari

Since Apple introduced the new tvOS Apple TV, some users have been questioning why it does not come with a version of Safari adapted for television. I think the video above explains why.

The developer jvanakker posted on his GitHub a fork of tvOS Browser created by Steven Troughton-Smith (who uses a private class called UIWebViewthat is, don't expect to see this on the App Store), offering basic page navigation on Apple TV using your own touchpad Siri Remote.

As much as the solution can still be improved in some ways, it is clear how unnecessary it is. For those who want to browse websites on Apple TV, the best thing to do is mirror the iPhone / iPad screen via AirPlay and control everything through the device's touchscreen.

Another concern with the implementation of Safari on tvOS is that this would require a series of APIs /frameworks operating system, increasing the possibility of security breaches. Not surprisingly, third generation Apple TV has never won a jailbreak

(via MacRumors)