video shows quarantined Apple Park

Coronavirus: video shows quarantined Apple Park

During the works of Apple Park, we followed countless videos which showed basically all stages of the work on the «spaceship», until the end. For now we have a different one to show: his eviction.

Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), California (United States) is in lockdown. In other words, everyone there is working from home and the Apple Park (located in Cupertino) is empty. Duncan Sinfield decided to show this apocalyptic business scenario to all of us.

In the video, we can see that the colorful stage – set up in May 2019, for an event in honor of Steve Jobs – is still there.

The building itself, the courts – including some football fields -, the fitness center … everything is completely empty and no occupation is expected again, since no one knows for sure when the outbreak will be more controlled.

Still, it’s amazing how, even after watching several videos, the structure of Apple Park is still impressive!