Video shows how the Galaxy Note 20 can be

Video shows how the Galaxy Note 20 can be

YouTube channel relies on rumors to create what would be an official Galaxy Note 20 launch trailer

As the months go by, we get closer and closer to the official announcement of the Galaxy Note 20, one of the most anticipated smartphones for this year 2020. According to rumors, the new model from Samsung should come with several new features compared to last year's model, and these changes are the highlight of a launch trailer for the device.

We use the word launch in quotation marks here because it is not an official video of the Samsung, but a YouTube channel creation Enoylity Technology, which was based on information contained in the rumors about the new Note line device to create what would be a supposed official announcement video for the Galaxy Note 20.

What to expect from the Galaxy Note 20

galaxy note 20Rumors point to a device with many changes

One of the changes should be the fact that all models of the Galaxy Note 20 will support new 5G networks. This is because, according to rumors, the Samsung should use the devices Snapdragon 865, and this chip from Qualcomm one of the first on the market to already have a built-in 5G modem. There is also the possibility that, in addition to the expected models Note 20 and Note 20 Plus, a Samsung also throw one Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, as shown by some Chinese certification documents.

The new Note 20 it should also be bigger than expected, since rumors suggest that the most basic version of the device should have a screen of 6.7 almost the size of the screen of the Galaxy Note 10 Plus. It is also expected that this screen, in addition to being larger in size, will also have a refresh rate of 120 Hz double the 60 Hz of the models Note 10. Meanwhile, expected that the Galaxy Note 20 Plus 7 is also higher than the current one Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

We can also expect news on the device's camera. According to existing rumors, the Galaxy Note 20 should bring four rear cameras, with a main sensor of 108 MP, an ultra-wide angle of 12 MP, a periscope lens of 13 MP and a laser focus system that should replace the sensor ToF (Time of Flight) that the Samsung usually use on their top-of-the-line smartphones. It is also expected that, despite having a good approach system, the line Note 20 not having the same 100x zoom as Galaxy S20.

ISOCELL GN1 samsung ISOCELL GN1 sensor may appear on Galaxy Note 20

As for the front camera, there is no consensus among the rumors. While some point to the use of a punch hole (a hole in the screen of the device of the exact size for the camera lens), there are others that point to a possible new technology that would allow having the front camera working behind the screen itself (without any opening or hole so that the light is captured directly by the camera lens) or even for the use of a pop-up camera (which is hidden in the body of the device and jumps out when the user decides to use it).

Although rumors about the camera are far from consensus, some sources talk about the possibility of the device having some completely new photo functions. This opens up the possibility for the Galaxy Note 20 be the first device in the Samsung using the new sensor ISOCELL GN1, but there is still no real rumor about it and everything is just speculation.

Models of the line are also expected Note 20 have a bigger battery than their predecessors, and sources point to a 4000 mAh battery in Galaxy Note 20 (greater than the 3500 mAh Note 10) and 4500 mAh Galaxy Note 20 Plus (greater than the 4300 mAh Note 10 Plus). It is also expected that the Note 20 present the market with a new S Pen, much more responsive and with new features to make life easier for content creators.

Samsung plans to reveal Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Plus in August at an online event New S Pen should be one of the new features of the Galaxy Note 20

For now, there is still no date for when the Galaxy Note 20 It will be officially revealed to the public, but several rumors point to an event in the month of August, with the 5th being the most cited date as a possible official revelation and the 21st as the most likely date for a possible arrival of the devices to stores. .

But, while Samsung officially introduces the world to Galaxy Note 20, you can see in the video below what would be a possible launch trailer for the device.

Source: TechRadar, Tom’s Guide