Video shows bear chasing drone in Russian region

The year is coming to an end, but there is still room for unusual drone video, today shows bears chasing one of these small aircraft in Russia out of curiosity or even hoping to get food. The region where the video was made is near the village of Ryrkaypiy in northern Russia, where there is a shortage of food for these animals and they seek food near people's homes.

In the video, the bears seem to be relaxed, playing among themselves as they try to approach the drone. The video was made by the ViralHog channel, which has also had other interesting drone videos, including one that spawned a certain amount of privacy policy and how interesting it is to make images of.

In the video above, we followed a fighting bear cub and his mother climbing a snow-covered mountain and having a hard time, despite having a happy ending, some scientists expressed dissatisfaction with the way cameraman Dmitry Kedrov made the images. The main criticism is that the drone was very close to the animals, the mother was clearly irritated with the situation, the aircraft may have hindered the journey.

Surfers swim closer to sharks than they think; indicate drone images

In addition to bears, drones are also being used to study marine life, scientists have found out more about shark behavior using images captured by aircraft at locations with surfers and these animals. According to the researchers, they swim closer to the swimmers than we expected. Another curious video is that a fish constantly jumps to try to catch a drone.

Source: ViralHog, NatGeo. [TagsToTranslate] drones