Video: see how Apple prepares for the launch of iPhones

Have you ever wondered what the whole “behind the scenes” process of launching a new Apple product is like? If the company works on products, services, stores and small details, it wouldn’t be different when they need to make millions of devices available around the world, right?

THE BuzzFeed News had the privilege to accompany each moment before the start both in pre-sales, online, and in sales in physical stores, of iPhones 8/8 Plus. In the video, journalist Nicole Nguyen witnessed the preparation and talked to the powerful Apple (the head of Apple stores, Angela Ahrendts).

As in every year, Apple started pre-selling its products at 12:01 am in Cupertino time. As we anxiously waited on one side of the screen, several Apple employees and engineers came together in what they call war room (something like a war room), a place with several TVs and maps from around the world, where you need to make sure that the whole process is going as expected.

O <em>war room</em> Apple “width =” 1940 “height =” 1092 “class =” lazy lazy-hidden size-full wp-image-611420 “srcset =” “sizes =” (max-width: 1940px) 100vw, 1940px “> O <em>war room</em> from Apple</figure>
<p>According to Ahrendts, more than half of the orders that night came from the Apple Store app.  Through this app, you can leave everything on the trigger and, when the time comes, just make your purchase official with a touch, she explained.</p>
<p>After that, then, deliveries of products to the appropriate stores around the world begin.  Nguyen visited the facilities of the worldwide carrier UPS in Louisville, United States.  She said the volume of Apple products is so great that UPS has to set aside time to separate only those deliveries.  A few days before, some products arrive either at stores around the world or at the homes of buyers.</p>
<p>Usually, a day or two before stores make releases available, there are long lines.  However, today we saw that the wait to acquire iPhones 8/8 Plus is not so long due to the “iPhone X effect” – the big star of this year, which will start pre-sale at the end of next month and will only reach the market on the 3rd of November.</p>
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