Video review: iPhone XR

Video review: iPhone XR

O iPhone XR is probably the most "weird" member of the entire line of iPhones in 2018. It hit the market later, "cheaper" but it brings an intermediate-sized screen and merges technical specifications of old devices with new ones.

We have already published, of course, our full text / image review of the iPhone XS Max. innovate with XR, we also decided to do it differently and bring you his video review.

By the time the iPhone XR hit the market, we had already brought you three other videos: one from unboxing (of all six colors), one focused on the camera and one focused on the screen, in addition to a nice photo gallery.

With almost 20 minutes in duration, the review obviously goes through all the differences of the iPhone XR in relation to the other models and I bring you my real impressions about this device, punctuating who should or should not choose to buy it.

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O thanks Go Imports (reseller of Apple products that aims to supply Ma products at a fair price in Brazil) and iCaiu (technical assistance that offers a practical and safe solution for repairs on your iPhone) for the opportunity to cover the iPhone XR!