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Video: Now it's your turn to connect an iPhone to a floppy disk Iomega Clik!

Whoever has been sailing a little less time in the crazy and delirious world of computer science certainly will not remember, but until less than two decades ago, the planet was seized by a multitude of types of information. physical media all of them wanting to compete for a place in the sun, and almost all failing miserably.

One of these media answered (originally) by the name of Clik!from manufacturer Iomega. It was a small, proprietary format released in 1999, extremely thin and portable, capable of loading up to 40MB of data; It could be connected to computers when plugged into a PCMCIA adapter, or used to expand camera memory with other accessories.

The clik! It didn't have a very long life: Iomega got into a thorny collective after consumers discovered that the media was, well, very Easy to break due to factors such as lack of quality control, inappropriate materials and magnetic interference, the floppy disks easily failed, causing the so-called death click which signaled the end of its operation. Maybe that's why, in the last months of life Iomega changed the name of the product to PocketZip.

After our little computer history class, let's get down to business: Niles mitchell of the channel Will It Work?, who recently appeared here burning a CD with Apple Watch, managed to connect an Iomega Clik! to an iPhone. And everything worked correctly!

To accomplish this, Mitchell had to dig the internet for accessories: first, it was necessary to find a working copy of Clik !. He then had to purchase a PCMCIA card drive to which the media connects to transfer information. Finally, at the hardest part, he had to find a later-released accessory (which today is basically a relic): a USB reader for this card, which connects to any device via the popular interface.

Once all the devices had been brought together, they simply had to be connected to the iPhone with a USB Lightning Camera Adapter. Everything worked perfectly, and it was possible to browse Clik data! by the Files app as any external drive, albeit with some slowness, since the old adapter still comes with the USB 1.1 standard.

Not great when old and new meet?

via iDownloadBlog