Video: New MacBook Pro Still Running Even After Falling Over 300 Meters!

The YouTube Channel People What's inside?, who often open gadgets to analyze their interiors, decided to throw a new 13 ″ MacBook Pro (without the Touch Bar and Touch ID) of a helicopter to see what was going on (after all, their job of opening devices and a drop of over 300 meters could make things much easier).

What I did not expect and I believe no one was actually seeing MBP working even after such a crash. Of course it was far from being considered a workable machine (the screen was smashed, the trackpad shattered, some keys could not resist and the shell was completely bent to the point that it could not be placed straight on a table). But all of that was completely forgotten from the moment the guys plugged the notebook into an external monitor and found that it was working.

Incredible! It is worth noting that the GoPro HERO5 was also badly hurt by the crash but, like the MBP, it resisted and continued to work.