Video made with FPV autonomous drone brings amazing images

Video made with FPV autonomous drone brings amazing images

Captures made with drones using first-person systems can be surprising, the maneuvers and the ability to approach the targets more accurately bring a result that without these aircraft is not possible. We have already shown amazing catches here and today we share one more noteworthy one, a video captured using an FPV system. The video is about five minutes long and features two BMW S100RRs on the California-based Thunderhill Raceway racetrack.

This video shows how amazing you know how to fly a drone

The video was published by Seppes on YouTube and featured the ability to capture three pilots, Reza Kurniawan with drone Armattan Badger, Colby Curtola with a Flynoceros and Larry Davis with his Falcon Multirotors Cinebarge HD. The motorcycle riders are Jesse Carter and Cory Call, with the video edited by Kevin Fanady. It's worth checking out the drivers' YouTube channels, made available in the video description. In the video below, for example, similar footage follows two cars maneuvering in circles.

In this other video you can also see how the result of a shoot can be amazing when you know how to fly a drone. These aircraft are usually equipped with a GoPro camera, the latest with digital video stabilization system. This is one of the main highlights of drones, since even with a high resolution camera, the image would not be interesting if it were affected by the vibration of the aircraft because they also have good flight system.

The first person capture system (FPV), which involves a pilot's goggles to ensure immersive immersion, has become a recent trend in the drone world, DJI has launched its and gradually followed by other companies in the market. Parrot announced its FPV system in September for the Anafi drone, learn more in the news.

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