Video: knowing in detail the book “Designed by Apple in California”

We delayed, but here we are! 😉

Personally, I was very reluctant to buy the book “Designed by Apple in California” since it was surprisingly launched in mid-November. A few weeks ago, the product arrived in Brazil and, faced with the installment payment in 12 times, I I cheated and I bought one for myself in the smaller version (260x324mm).

In the video above, you can see a unboxing and a complete passage through the book with some comments of mine as I started to appreciate the many beautiful photographs that make up this work of design.

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“Designed by Apple in California

in Apple

Price view: from R $ 809.10Installed price: in at 12x of R $ 74,92Description: book with photos of Apple productsRelease: November 2016

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