[VĂ­deo] How to clean iPhone RAM in 10 seconds

[VĂ­deo] How to clean iPhone RAM in 10 seconds

Hello friends of iPhoneTips, today we have a very cool tip, which has not been in the “world” of iPhone and iOS in general for a long time. I don’t know how it was discovered, I just know that I tested it, approved it and now I share it with all of you. How to clean iPhone RAM in 10 seconds? Just watch our video!

Seriously, it really works! I tested and proved it, and to make it easier for you, I recorded a video explaining how the whole process works, see here or below:

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How to clean iPhone RAM in 10 seconds

If you can’t see the video, I write now how to do the process. First, to find out if this process was really useful for you, download this application, the SYS Lite:

SYS Activity Manager

SYS Activity Manager

After that, open the app, and see how much RAM you have free. My iPhone was 126mb.

Okay, now for the process:

  1. Unlock iPhone and go to your home screen.
  2. Hold the power button (on and off) until the slide to turn off (but do not turn off).
  3. Now press the home button (the home button) until you return to the home screen.
  4. Ready!

Easy right?

Now to confirm, go back to the SYS Lite app and check the memory again. Here on my iPhone it went to 650mb, a gain of 500mb. Cool!

How is this possible?

Well, I believe that this is a shortcut discovered, for the iPhone to simply «turn off» the apps open in 2 plan. That is, iOS will close all apps that are consuming memory. Automatically, more memory is available for the system, making your iPhone much more agile!

This tip is very good for iPhone 4s up to 5s. The iPhones 6 and 6s do not gain much performance, but also give a good «clean».

What does this process improve?

Well, that is still hard to mention. But in my tests, processes like opening the camera, loading some native apps, became more fluid, including graphic effects that sometimes crash. But each iPhone can “react” differently.

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