Video games and camcorders are among the most expensive products in the pandemic

It is already a well-known fact that the electronics market has been experiencing good price increases due to the current covid-19 pandemic – as well as several other sectors of the economy. According to a recent survey of the zoom, portal and price comparison app, some of the main segments that have seen the biggest hikes so far include video games and camcorders like steel cameras, for example.

The research carried out takes into account the price variations that occurred between February 1st and June 1st this year. According to the results, the average price of video games was R $ 1,546.12 and, in May, increased to R $ 2,040.04 – which corresponds to a 32% increase between the pre- and post-quarantine periods. The camcorders, in turn, went from R $ 1,840.78 to R $ 2,377.76 in the third phase of the survey (it was done in three stages), which represents a 29% increase.

According to Thiago Flores, Zoom's CEO, one of the main factors for the price increase in Brazil the high dollar. J Murilo Tunholi, Zoom product specialist for the notebook and game categories, adds, citing the physical difficulties for importing consoles, since Brazil does not have national manufacture of these devices.


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"It is important to note that each retailer and each manufacturer has different stocks and different logistics systems. Therefore, there are several factors that contribute to the pricing of products and, therefore, it is not correct to say that the high US currency increases the value of import and impact on electronics prices. – Thiago Flores, Zoom's CEO.

Not everything went up

On the other hand, Some products presented falling prices. The biggest highlight is the smartwatches, who experienced a price drop corresponding to 21.5%. TVs, cell phones and Tablets are also included in this list, with percentages below 10%.

Finally, a product that did not have a great oscillation in the market were the Digital Ebook Readers, varying in cents. Physical books, which were not in a good situation until then, have a chance of post-pandemic recovery, since their sales have already risen 31% compared to the peak of quarantine.

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