Reading tips: the past and future of Apple computers

Video: facts and myths behind Macintosh marketing

The year was 1984 and Apple was ready to change the world of computing advertising the whole world, in fact. For the first time, a personal computer had a graphical interface, being accessible to ordinary people, going beyond geek garages. The mouse, now so ordinary, was a novelty and changed everything. We are talking about the Macintosh.

But launching a product also involves marketing. What stories would there be behind the promotion of a revolution like the first Mac was? The video below, with two hours (!) In length, shows us a little bit of the legends and facts behind Ma's first big release.

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In this 2004 presentation Mike Murray (marketing director), Mike Boich (original Macintosh evangelist), Andy Cunningham (member of the Regis-McKenna PR team), Joanna Hoffman (first person connected with marketing in the Macintosh Division), Steve Scheier (who handled the product launch) and Guy Kawasaki (Apple evangelist).

Instead of reviewing V for Vingana for the twentieth time, how about taking the time to learn more about launching one of the biggest milestones in the history of personal computing?

(via 9 to 5 Mac)