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Video editors on Linux, from basic to professional

Publishers ranging from the simplest to the most complex editions for professional use will be demonstrated. Let's go. Remembering that the order does not mean the best or the worst, it closed.

We started with OpenShot, a multiplatform editor (Linux, Windows and macOS), which editor has a simple interface and some pre-configured effects, as well as 3D animations.

You can download the Openshot through this link, besides knowing more about its features.


If you are just starting to edit slightly more elaborate videos and need an editor who will assist you in this editing journey, Shotcut is a great choice. It comes with the main editing tools (cut, copy, paste, magnifying glass, transitions and etc). Besides having a very powerful render, which makes it easy to export. It already comes with a preconfiguration for YouTube.

You can download the ShotCut through this link, and to learn more about its features, you can access this other link.


Now we come to an editor, which I find one of the easiest to learn and use. It was with him that I, Diolinux, Systematic, fastOS, Madrugueds, Free Software Channel, Milla Gamer, Tuxter Games, Riker Linux, Macaw Studio, Tux Burrow and others, who started their channels by editing in this versatile and powerful linear editor. video.

With it you can do everything from simple to semi-professional editions. Its interface is well distributed and you can configure it as you wish, for example by adding panels, repositioning them, adding tracks and so on.

And it has the traditional tools of cutting, pasting, copying, dragging, transitions, effects and more. Really a complete tool that will serve you very well.

You can download Kdenlive via this link, and to learn more about its features, you can access its manual via this link.

Now let's talk about professional video publishers, who are not kidding and who can stand the rush of work when editing videos in high resolution and quality.

In this last part of the article, I left to talk about two extremely powerful tools that have made movies in Hollywood and that are becoming powerful alternatives compared to the editor of Adobe.


The first one we're going to talk about here is LIGHTWORKS. We have already done an interview with the creators of the tool, which you can access the post through this link. Just a short list of movies in which the Red Shark participated: The Wall Street Wolf, English Bastards, Kill Bill, Gangs of New York, Moulin Rouge, American Beauty, The Departed, Hugo, Pulp Fiction, The Truman Show, Shutter Island . We can say that he has bullet in the needle rs.


Already the second, has become the darling of content producers and having a fast and explosive adoption within the middle. We are talking about DaVinci Resolve. DaVinci came to fill a gap in the producers who were, say, unhappy with Adobe's stance on the price charged and the quality delivered from its Video Editor. And that's what he grew up with and growing more and more. We have a tutorial on how to install it, you can access it here and also a video on Diolinux, commenting on why several professionals are migrating to DaVinci. You can check the video below.