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Video: Connecting the Original Macintosh Keyboard and Mouse to an iPhone X

A few weeks ago, we highlight the channel here Will It Work?, of YouTuber Niles mitchell, when the intrepid developer was able to set up a beautiful trickster to burn a CD through Apple Watch. Well, do you want another fun Mitchell outing? Here it is.

THE YouTuber managed to unite the vintage and the modern by connecting the Original Macintosh keyboard and mouse to one iPhone X And yes, everything worked perfectly. Strictly speaking, the mouse here used the model Titanium, released in 1987 and white (replacing the beige before); Still, it is the same type of peripheral with the same technology and mechanism.

The operation, perhaps surprisingly, required no hacking: Mitchell simply plugged the keyboard's RJ11 connector into a USB adapter, and did the same with the serial mouse plug. Both adapters were connected to one hub, which in turn was plugged into the dock used by the YouTuber. Then, just activate the necessary settings on the iPhone, in the AssistiveTouch section, in Accessibility Settings. Ready!

Mitchell fiddled with the setup a bit, creating some shortcuts for Siri and sending a tweet to Tim Cook talking about the feat. He then connected the keyboard and mouse to a LG Smart TV:

Fun, isn't it?

via the loop