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Video: concept sees “iPhone 7” running iOS 10 with a screen occupying its entire front

Current technologies have hardly allowed anything like this, but that does not prevent people from traveling a little bit on ideas. 😉

In the video above, created by DeepMind, we see a iPhone 7 running the iOS 10 with a screen that occupies its entire front. The Incio button itself would be virtual, positioned in the same location as today.

The next iPhone will in fact come with more "visible" news than the ones released this year, but I imagine it is not something drastic like that. Furthermore, we are still many months from even starting to see hot rumors about the device.

Meanwhile, the 9to5Mac You are already seeing an increasing number of visits to your site coming from the first internal test versions of both iOS 10 and OS X 10.12 (codenamed “Fuji”). Both are due to be presented to the world, as always, at the next WWDC probably in June 2016.

(via iPhone Hacks)