Video chat on Facebook now works on Linux

Now you will be able to use this cool Facebook feature on your Linux too, now video chat works on the free operating system too, learn more:

Facebook Chat on Ubuntu Video

Facebook video chat now on Ubuntu

That's right, good news for those who have always wanted to use Facebook video chat on Linux, now the feature has Penguin support.

System Updates

After a system update I noticed this little detail, but I can not say if it is the fault of updating the APIs that were listed in the update manager or Firefox update that supported WebRTC.

Anyway I realized that the camera icon that appears in Facebook chat for now only appears in Firefox, Google Chrome can receive calls from others but does not appear the icon to initiate a call.

I think this problem should be solved and Facebook chat should also work on Chrome since Opera, who recently received a new verse, based on Chromium, same base as Facebook's Chrome. Finally, you can now use this feature on Linux too, cool not?

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