Video: Barack Obama presents using a MacBook Pro

Video: Barack Obama presents using a MacBook Pro

As part of the United States' health care reform proposals, the US government launched a portal called, where citizens can access centralized information on legislation, health plans and coverage across the country.

To educate people on how this portal works, the White House published a video yesterday in which the president himself teaches how to access check it out below.

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Did you notice what machine the president is using? Even with a government coat covering the apple, it is quite evident that this is a MacBook Pro because it is only an IPS monitor to display accurate colors at an ungrateful angle like that of the first seconds of the video.

How much did Apple have to pay for this exposure? Much, I imagine: the salary of Jony Ive (who made an unmistakable design, even when the brand was hidden by a sticker) and all of his software and hardware engineers (who produced a machine so good and safe that even the most powerful man in the world has chosen it).

That is why I never tire of watching certain videos, which show the most common strategy among other companies.

(via Fortune Tech)