Video: are these, the new headphones that will accompany the “iPhone 7”?

With the arrival of iPhone 7 and the almost certain abandonment of the 3.5mm audio output, the mess involving Apple headphones is formed. In theory, the exclusion of the outlet makes the iPhone more water resistant and makes Apple walk towards an increasingly wireless world with the proliferation of Bluetooth headsets It is rumored that it is even working on wireless headsets .

But that does not mean that the cables will be summarily extinguished. We have already seen that, most likely, until the transition from this world to wireless is completed, Apple will earn a lot of money “offering” an adapter so that you can continue using your current EarPods or any other traditional headphones with the next iPhone. Current EarPods, incidentally, should continue to be sold as normal, as iPads, iPods, Macs continue with the 3.5mm output.

I would love to see Bluetooth headsets inside the iPhone 7 case, but from the floor of the carriage, everything indicates that we will see EarPods with Lightning being distributed with the new device. The video above shows what these headphones would be and, judging by the finish, they do seem to be official.

If confirmed, it is very likely that we have the following options in Apple Stores:

  • EarPods with 3.5mm connector;
  • EarPods with Lightning connector;
  • Bluetooth EarPods (or, who knows, “AirPods”).

In addition, as I said, Apple is almost certain to launch the 3.5mm adapter for Lightning. I wouldn't be surprised if she also sold a 3.5mm Lightning adapter (for people to use EarPods Lightning on their Macs and shuffle iPods).

As always, in these transition periods, there will be a certain mess