Veteran health data will be stored on iPhone

Veteran health data will be stored on iPhone

A few months ago, we commented here on Apple's intention to expand the feature Health Record for the huge population of war veterans from United States. Today, Ma's plans have been confirmed and will be put into practice in the summer of the northern hemisphere.

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Official Image:

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Through a partnership with the US Department of Veterans Affairs, the former combatant population will have access to Apple's health platform and will be able to gather in one Instead, all of your medical information like test results, prescriptions, medications, allergies, vital procedures, vaccine registration and more.

VA is the largest health provider in the US, with more than 9 million veterans taking advantage of its medical services in over 1,200 hospitals, clinics and clinics in the country. Currently, more than 100 US medical institutions are already part of the program and more are boarding the Apple platform every day.

On Twitter, Tim Cook celebrated the announcement:

It is an honor to contribute to the improvement of medical care for American heroes.

Apple noted that the entry in the Health Registry represents the first time that VA has access to a unified medical records platform. As much as this may pose a certain transition challenge (since the agency must have paper documents from decades ago, including veterans still alive), the change can be very positive for a significant portion of the US population after all, as opined Apple COO Jeff Williams, "patients have more productive conversations with their doctors when they have better access to their health information."

Cool, isn't it?