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VESA Launches DisplayPort 1.2 for Manufacturers

VESA recently announced that it has finalized a new edition of the DisplayPort standard for manufacturers, considered much more comprehensive and full of benefits for end users. There are several innovations in terms of performance and work flexibility that really arrived at a good time, making it the most comprehensive standard of connections on the market.

Update 1.2 for DisplayPort offers twice the conventional data rate for exchanging information, enabling the use of 3D monitors with high-performance stereo sound. In addition, it is now possible, through a single DisplayPort connector (or variants), to enable support for multiple displays, a case that should become common for notebook users, for example.

It is also possible with DisplayPort 1.2 to transfer data via USB technology, facilitating the implementation of functions such as webcam and USB hub on monitors. All of this is compatible with the current edition of the standard, that is, it is something that will make the transition of products more smooth, assuming that Apple and some other manufacturers will probably execute it in 2010.

(via Macsimum News)