Version 3.2 of our iOS app launched, now with smaller / larger font options and a much requested Dark Mode!

We are very happy to release today, for you, the version 3.2 of our iOS app. And such an update! 😉

To begin with, we reformulated our entire adjustment area, which is now much more accessible within the app itself than before.

With this, we implemented two great new features: the possibility for the user to define a smaller font size or bigger than the standard and, it is quite requested, a new Dark Mode (Dark Mode)!

Dark Mode was all designed with the iPhone X OLED screen in mind, of course, but it works just as well as previous generation devices. No wonder we brought you here to our website, too. 😃

As always, we also took the opportunity to fix some of the bugs reported by you. Our special thanks to Cassio Rossi for the collaborations made in our project on GitHub for this version 3.2!

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