Version 3.0 of the Anchor app allows you to create and distribute podcasts to multiple platforms with just one touch

Two years ago, we talked about a very interesting app about podcasts, which was better known as a “social podcast network”.

O Anchor it has evolved considerably since then, and is now receiving a lot of attention from several sites around the world for facilitating the creation and, mainly, the distribution of this content.

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As we already said when we first published about it, Anchor was like an audio Twitter, with a 2 minute limitation. From version 3.0, the app allows you to record “segments” (like “chapters” of a podcast) for up to 1 hour if you join several segments, you can make the podcast as long as you want!

The idea of ​​segments is quite interesting, especially when you are editing your episode, just drag up and down to change the order of your segments. For now, this version does not allow you to cut audio files (patch them) or make more professional edits to it, but the options that already exist are quite interesting.

Anchor 3.0 for podcastsScreenshots: MacStories

To “assemble” the segments of your episode, you can choose to add a voice recording directly in the app (and you can choose a background song after you finish recording), add a transition vignette (there are pre-defined sounds that can be chosen) and you can even start a voice call with your friends directly from the app and, when finished, add that recording to your episode. Just remember that the proposal will speed up the process, so it is not possible to edit this call (from the application).

Even so, it has a web version in which you can download the created files and also upload any file on your computer so, if you prefer, you can make changes in external tools and then "play" in the application.

Another very cool option is the possibility to send and receive audio messages of up to 2 minutes. You can ask your listeners to send you messages and then make room on your podcast for these people. You can also respond to these audio files and, if you want, create an entire podcast from small audio files, also great for those who can not get together with friends for a live call.

Anchor 3.0 for podcasts

As the app was created primarily to be a podcast social network, there is also an area for you to listen to the content created for the platform. The way the segments are viewed and the possibility of “enjoying” (clapping) cool, but one of the coolest things that the content creator can add as a segment of their episode are Spotify or Apple Music tracks (just a preview) , of course), that only those who listen to the podcast through the app can play.

However, the difference of this version is the fact that you can take your podcast to other platforms, which was a really great move. With literally a button, you can create your podcast to be broadcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, Overcast and Pocket Casts, without having to go through all the hosting bureaucracy and other details needed to publish the episodes. And if you already have podcasts published and want to import episodes, you can also do that very easily.

On the Anchor website, you also have access to some analytical data so that you can closely monitor the playback number of your episodes and some other details.

If you are like me (you always wanted to start something like this but used the excuse that it was too much work), you will certainly see an opportunity in the app to get your ideas off the ground.

Anchor 3.0 is available free for iOS, on the App Store and for Android on Google Play in addition to any browser, on the website.

via TechCrunch