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Version 2.0 of Kickoff, an app that mixes messenger and task manager, arrives at [Mac] App Store

Last December we talked about the renewal of Kickoff, a messenger / task manager for Macs that would also win an app for iPhones / iPods touch. Because they have just been released!

Kickoff is a real-time chat and task sharing tool designed for small teams. And with its offline support, deep integration with OS X Mountain Lion and super fast performance, Kickoff makes your team even more productive.

Kickoff for Mac

There are only two main features of the app: group chat and group tasks. In the first we have features like drag and drop, catching the other person's attention by typing @name, people viewing links from YouTube, Twitter, Video, Dribbble, CloudApp, among others directly in the chat, synchronizing the timeline (timeline) with iPhones, offline history, notifications, etc.

Kickoff for iPhoneKickoff for iPhone

In the second, we have the organization of tasks for your team in lists automatically synchronized with everyone, quick access to the task lists you usually use by dragging them to your favorites bar, assigning tasks to one or several co-workers, possibility of attach files and comments to any task, search and filter the tasks in any list to focus on your own, receive notifications push for tasks related to you, reminder of who and when you completed a task, etc.

Integration with OS X Mountain Lion ($ 20; 4.37GB, requires OS X 10.6.8 or higher) is great and includes features like Quick Look (for quick file viewing), Notification Center (Notification Center), Dictation (Dictation), full screen, in addition to graphics prepared for the MacBook Pro Retina screens.

Without a doubt it is a great application for small teams / companies, , we are seriously considering adopting it. It is worth noting, however, that the developer behind Kickoff was acquired yesterday by startup of Stripe payments, probably what would be an attempt to improve your design team. The app’s founders spoke to TechCrunch that the development of the app will continue regardless of the acquisition, which is very good news.

Kickoff cone for Mac Kickoff

$ 28 | 4 MB | requires OS X 10.7 or higher. Compatible with 64-bit Macs.Prs: great resource with a beautiful interface.Cons: everyone on the team needs to pay for the app.

Big Badge / Button Available on the Mac App Store

iPhone Kickoff cone Kickoff

$ 7 | 4.1 MB | requires iOS 6.0 or higher. Compatible with iPhones / iPods touch.Prs: great resource with a beautiful interface.Cons: everyone on the team needs to pay for the app.

Big Badge / Button - Available on the App Store