[Vdeo] Nexus 7 replaces car radio and navigation system

What can come up when you put your car crush on Android? Functionality and innovation, at least that's what the folks at SonicElectronixTV demonstrated on the video posted yesterday on Youtube. After modifying the dashboard of a 2008 Dodge Ram, the new Nexus 7, the Google tablet, was inserted into a space from which it can be easily removed. Inside the car, it can be used as both radio, player, television and completely replaces the navigation system. Check out the panel mounted by SonicElectronix on the video below:

What did you think about using Nexus 7 as a car navigation and radio system? If you are curious what material was used to assemble this panel, here is a short explanation from the SonicEletronix team:

Modification of the panel was made using ABS plastic, fiberglass, Bondo, and camura. Once the anterior strait was removed (a Kenwood DNX9960), we cut some ABS the same size to make the sides and blend fiberglass along the back. Fiberglass was needed because it has a little more to "give" and makes it easier for us to remove the tablet. Bondo was used to soften the edges (after a lot of sanding) and OEM paint was used to make the perfect factory recessed face panel. The chamois has been placed on the back to maintain an elegant look when Nexus 7 is removed and a soft cushion for when Nexus is installed.

What do you say, would you change the dashboard of your car to use one with the possibility of placing and removing the tablet from Google?

Source: AndroidPIT.de and Phandroid

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