Vaza technical scheme image that can be from the "iPhone XI"

Vaza technical scheme image that can be from the "iPhone XI"

We still have about six months to go before we know the 2019 iPhones, but it's not uncommon to start popping up preliminary leaks by now.

From yesterday to today, @OnLeaks published the above technical scheme also shared in a slightly different image by Slashleaks which would supposedly be “IPhone XI”.

O surrender There in the middle, of course, the same thing we saw in early January showing a somewhat odd disposition to the rumored triple camera system of the new device. Of course the final look will not necessarily be the same as this one, but it is to have a base.

Another leaker@laobaiTD also posted the same image yesterday on Twitter indicating that it is a new iPhone XR. However, it is quite hard to imagine that the successor of the XR will incorporate three rear cameras while another rumor pointed out that even among the "iPhone XI" this may be a differentiator from the larger storage models. In my opinion, this will not occur; I think the "iPhone XI" will continue with two cameras, but the "iPhone XI Max / Plus" will have three. It wouldn't surprise me if the iPhone XR's successor won a second, too.

The great question we still have, of course, is what is the characteristic of this third camera. A super wide angle? A super telephoto lens? A monochrome sensor to capture more detail in photos and improve low-light captures? The right time

via MacRumors