Various colors of cases and bracelets are disappearing from Apple stores worldwide

Various colors of cases and bracelets are disappearing from Apple stores worldwide

The Japanese website MACBlog pointed out today that several colors of accessories are being silently removed from physical stores and online Apple in Japan.

With a brief survey, it is easy to see that the same is happening in the United States, which may mean that it will also happen in more parts of the world, since there is the central base of all of Ma's products.

IPhone 7 Cases for Sale on the Apple Store

In the list of missing colors for accessories, several cases for iPhones, iPads and also bracelets for Apple Watch are no longer options to buy. Therefore, the suspicion that they would have been discontinued, since, if it were just a matter of stock, would certainly change only the status on the website (but the colors would continue there).

In total, the Japanese website listed 4 cases for iPhone 7; 5 for iPhone 7 Plus; 13 Smart Covers for iPads; 18 cases for iPad; 12 Apple Watch Sport straps, 7 nylon straps and some color options from Nike and Herms. Although these colors are gone in Japan, some are still available in the USA and the UK.

In Brazil this is repeated even if on a smaller scale. Some cases no longer appear on Ma's website, such as the option "Cacau" (silicone), "Gray Tempest" (leather) both for iPhone 7 Plus, among others.

As the 9to5Mac, there are two possible explanations for this: the first is that the colors removed from stores would be less popular than the others, so the intention would be to eliminate all stock. This would explain why they are being withdrawn gradually from the countries, according to the stock of each location.

The other possibility that the company would be planning to reduce the color options of the cases for the old devices, in order to have all these options available for the next iPhones, which will be announced very soon.

This means that if you have an eye on any of the case options, it is good to be safe and buy them right before they are possibly removed from stores. 😉