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Valve works on new look of her desktop Steam client

It looks like Gabe Newell's company is working on a new look for its desktop client. Check out the new face of Steam.

THE Valve are planning a redesign on your game client Steam. Thanks to a leak, we can glimpse this new look, obviously that it is unfinished, but allowing a glimpse of the result, when finished.

valve-new-design-client-steam-desktop-linux-windows-mac-pc In its Twitter account, the SteamDB profile reported that An ongoing version of the new Steam client interface has been leaked through an update to the Chinese CSGO launcher. The look had been previously revealed by the site Engadgethowever, the current leak showed interface navigation and much more detail.

O SteamDB shared some screenshots and we can see a layout, which at least when I first saw it, reminds me a lot of the organization of the Twitchin its flap Search for. See the new look of the Steam client.

valve-new-design-client-steam-desktop-linux-windows-mac-pc Note that now Steam's game arts are also similar to Twitch's, resembling the covers of physical media games. Alis, how about keeping up with our daily lives? Visit this link and follow us. valve-new-design-client-steam-desktop-linux-windows-mac-pc-twitch

The new design keeps games in one column on the left, list, and on the right rearranges various categories, such as most played games, game updates, friends list, etc.


There are new features, making the interface more organized. Through tagsIt will be possible to find games in your library. In the new page Events, live streams, matches, tournaments and more are displayed.

This is not a mockup or a bad prank

It is common to see internet posts with interface mockups being taken for granted. For s after accessing the link, the truth comes out. I know this is boring, but not the case. This new Steam client interface is not just a concept. So while Steam's redesign is in constant development, and the work isn't done, it's already at a well-developed level. Maybe this new reformulation will arrive later this year. If you're a hurry (), calm down, Valve has announced that it plans to release a beta by the end of the summer (around September in the US).

See below a video from Valve News Network, demonstrating in practice the new look of Steam.

Did you like the changes at Valve's customer? Particularly I liked a lot, others seemed strange to me, but still in a final verse. So I was very excited.

Until the next post, I wait for you here on the blog Diolinux, SYSTEMATICALLY!

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