Valve points to a failure in the Linux suspension system

Before you think that Linux has shafts and springs I will explain, it is the activity suspension system, letting the computer "sleep", let's know a little better the complaints from the developers of Valve.

problem with suspended in linux

SteamOS does not have a popular feature on consoles currently on Linux

A debate in SteamOS GitHub pointed out a minor bug in the Linux kernel, according to the developer with the nickname of "johnv-valve" the system still does not handle suspends well.

Some people testing the system reported that when suspending SteamOS using Xbox controls when the system came back, the controls were unrecognized and usually took up to minutes to work properly.

The developer 's response was emphatic that "Linux does not yet support this functionality", at least not fully and because of this SteamOS, at least in its early versions, will not have this function that is present in the consoles of the current generation.

According to "johnv-valve" the problem is due to the video card drivers that do not yet fully support the system. As far as we know, this is changing, but until then it seems that Valve will not implement this function because, in the words of the developer, "cannot guarantee a perfect working of the feature on any hardware".

Now it would be very interesting if you tell us what your experience is with this, do you have any difficulties with hibernation or suspension on Linux?

I believe Linux being opened as, the possibility of a patch coming in too soon, but apparently this feature depends a lot on the behavior of graphics chip companies, especially Nvidia and AMD, since there seems to be no complaints about Intel.

Linux seems to have been made to never shut down, watch the numerous servers, but now Valve has pointed out a flaw, which may affect, though not much, the home user. It should also be tried to see which kernel Valve would be using, it may be that using a newer kernel would solve the problem.

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