Valve Launches Full-featured Steam Chat iOS App

Valve is investing (a lot) in the mobile platform recently: a few days after releasing Steam Link on the App Store, the developer launched the app today. Steam chat for iOS and Android users. The new dedicated app for chat service streaming of games has various features and features, as we will see below.

Steam Chat app icon

With Steam Chat, platform users can use their smartphone or tablet to view their buddy list online, join group chats, send invite links, customize notifications from friends, groups and channels, and can add videos , tweets and GIFs to conversations.

One option users may have missed is to send voice messages, but Valve said it plans to add this option soon.

As we said, the new app was launched almost a week after Steam Link debuted on the App Store. With both software available for mobile users can play and chat with others from iPhone or iPad (remember that Steam Link requires a Mac / PC host connected to stream the games).

via TechCrunch