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Valve is removing Linux games from Steam for incompatibility

Valve decided to remove some Linux games from Steam to demand quality of them.

Game giant Valve is removing some titles from SteamOS and Linux from Steam to avoid some headaches and dissatisfaction among users.

Valve remove games for Steam LInux

Games that need add-ons are out

Aiming to improve the quality of its product (SteamOS) Valve has begun banning Steam games for Linux (and in full for SteamOS) that rely on third party software to run. Ticket to Ride, Anodyne, Lume, WAKFU, Starbound, Evoland, Oniken, StarMade, and Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten are some examples of games that have lost, albeit temporarily, their Steam store slot.

StarMade for example needs to install Oracle Java for the game to work correctly, Valve who wants the games to be "out of the box", in the best style, click, install and play, and if any add-ons are needed that it comes with the game itself and it is not up to the user to install.

People who have already purchased the games mentioned will not be without them because they are still available in their Steam libraries, however, at least for now, it is no longer possible to buy some titles. Once changes and adjustments are made the games should return to the Valve store.

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