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Valentine's Day 2019 wins Google Doodle | Internet

Valentine's Day celebrated this Wednesday (12) by Google with an illustration on the homepage of the search engine. Animated Doodle, at first, is curious to show only a green leaf in place of one of the site's letters, but the image soon becomes romantic when the object is shaped like a heart. The animation soon displays behind the leaf two ladybugs holding hands.

The date celebrated by couples through the exchange of gifts, surprises, texts with dedications and messages of love. You can create phrase cards to post to the networks, or use apps to get inspiration for Happy Valentine's Day 2019 photo caption.

Valentine's Day Phrases 2019 for WhatsApp: see messaging apps

Google celebrates Valentine's Day in Brazil Photo: Divulgao / Google

Google celebrates Valentine's Day in Brazil Photo: Divulgao / Google

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Who invented Valentine's Day?

While the rest of the world celebrates the foreign equivalent of Valentine's Day (Valentine's Day) on February 14, Brazil goes in the opposite direction and celebrates the date of June. This happens because Valentine's Day is sometimes the same time as Carnival.

Valentine's Day has commercial origin in Brazil. In 1949, an advertising agency decided to start the celebration as a way to boost sales in the month of June, which used to be overlooked by the absence of holidays or commemorative dates in the period.

June 12th was chosen as Valentine's Day because it is the day before St. Anthony's Day, known as the "matchmaker saint." With the slogan "Not only with kisses that proves love", the advertising campaign was successful and the celebration of that day began to exchange gifts between lovers.

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The Google Doodles Story

The Google Doodles Story