Vade Mecum is the fifth app in our App Bundle

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Law professionals or students are well aware of the Vade Mecum, the set of laws of almost mandatory consultation that takes several laws with it. The paper version is heavy and expensive, but luckily «there is an application for that». It’s the Vade Mecum from Max Systems, the most traditional and oldest of its kind on the App Store.

It brings, with a simple touch, dozens of laws, such as the Federal Constitution, the Consumer Protection Code, the Penal Code and many, many others. Ideal for those who want to have access to their rights whenever they need it.

It has an iPad version (link) and also for iPhone and iPod touch (link) for the price of $ 7.99 (much less than the paper version).

He enters our Package of Apps and whoever wins will be able to choose whether they want the iPhone version or the iPad version. If you are not yet participating in the sweepstakes, it will take place on Sunday 25th of December, and registration can be made through this link. ?