UX 4.0+: These are the best features of LG's new interface!

In a recent UX 4.0+ interface update, LG shows other manufacturers how to optimize their software and get even more out of Android. The only problem is that the new UX 4.0+ is only available for the new LG V10 and, as some functions are hardware dependent, apparently your LG G3 or LG G4 may not count on the improvements presented. Check out more details below.

The novelties of the user interface explored by LG are related to the experience of expanded display usage and audio quality.

1. Expanded screen usage (multitasking and cameras)

The LG V10's multitasking function is extensively explored in the video below. In case you don't know, the new LG handset features a small display located above the handset's status bar and acts as a kind of second screen. Using this feature in conjunction with the software features, we have a better experience with services such as QuickMemo, email and phonebook, for example. In the promotional video released by the manufacturer, we have the interaction between these services happening quickly and accurately. We don't really have new software here, but a way of using LG services more integratedly.

lg ux 4 0 plus multitask
Convenient Experience optimizes LG's multi-tasking feature. / LG

What is not yet known is how such features will be offered for other handsets from the manufacturer, as in the above demonstration options like the secondary display and the dual front camera function, present only in the V10 so far.

LG UX 4 0 plus
The "Visual Experience" feature is available in automatic mode and can be easily activated. / LG

In addition to the multitasking function optimized for much more intuitive use, the camera software has had a addition of functions. Say goodbye to your selfie stick! LG now offers the ability to use an even wider angle of view, making more details fit your selfie. In addition, features like optimizing light, brightness and audio in videos. This is really interesting for those who don't use editing software later.

LG UX 4 0 plus LG v10
The Vivid Experience feature gives you the chance to optimize video light and audio while capturing them. / LG

2. Audio Quality

Another function that LG wants to show is that it's easier and smarter to use the quick setup of audio equalization features. From the feature called "Audio Experience" you can control details and volume of music and video on LG V10. To enable it, simply access the "Hi-Fi" shortcut (for high fidelity audio) in the quick settings and easily equalize the audio. However, you may have to be stuck in standard mode if you do not know how to use such sound features.

LG UX 4 0 plus LG v10 audio
The Audio Experience feature provides volume control and music from the player. / LG

When does your device receive LG UX 4.0+?

LG has not yet announced when other devices of the manufacturer will receive the software update and will rely on the new UX 4.0 Plus. In the past, the company has released changes to its user interface for both high-end and mid-range smartphones. However, as stated above, some of these functions are hardware dependent and can be modified for use on LG G3 or G4, for example.

The new features presented in the above video at first glance are of interest to all Android users and I believe LG should not offer them to V10 owners only. We contacted LG Brazil to find out which devices will receive the update and when it happens. Once we have more information, this article will be updated.

And what did you think about the smart functions of LG UX 4.0+? Which one would you like to have now on your Android?

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