Using WhatsApp Dark Wallpaper

New wallpaper is available for WhatsApp on Android with dark colors that were not in your sight. See how to enable it!

WhatsApp users are eagerly awaiting a dark launch for the messaging application, even though such a feature does not have a set date yet. Nonetheless, quite discreetly, WhatsApp ended up releasing a dark wallpaper, which should be less striking when reading a conversation.

For now, the new feature is only available in the beta version of the application, where they test the functions to be implemented. If you already want access to this feature, check out this guide for Digital Look to enable WhatsApp's dark wallpaper.


As mentioned above, for now, the new feature is only available in the beta version of the application, which may not be stable, but may have crashes or some instability.

How to enable WhatsApp dark wallpaper

Despite being a new feature for WhatsApp, it is enabled via the Android system. The procedure below was performed on a Xiaomi device with MIUI 11, but it should work on other devices that have a dark mode for the system. Check out:

  1. Access this APKMirror link, download WhatsApp 2.19.327 Beta and install the downloaded APK. If you prefer, you will see this article from Digital Look for other ways to install WhatsApp Beta;
  2. After you have installed the latest version of the application, on the initial screen of your system, go to "Settings" and go to "Screen";


  3. Now turn on Dark Mode normally. The location of the dark mode may vary depending on the manufacturer of your phone;


  4. Open Android "Task Manager" and close the "WhatsApp" process. If it is already closed, you do not have to do anything;


  5. Now open WhatsApp normally and by entering a conversation you should already have the "Dark Wallpaper" active.


If you do not have an Android device with the native “Dark Mode” function, you can use the Dark Mode app to force Android into “Dark Mode”. Thus, after using the program, simply repeat the other procedures above to gain access to the new wallpaper. This process, it is worth remembering, as it is unofficial, may not work on all devices and enables dark mode for other applications.


Ready! Now you know how to use the new WhatsApp Dark Wallpaper on Android.

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