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Using multitasking on iPad, migrating from Android to iPhone and more!

From time to time, Apple publishes short tutorials on its Brazilian YouTube channel teaching users how to get things done or giving little tips on products and services in their ecosystem.

Here are your most recent:

Using the multitasking feature on iPad

Learn how to use two apps side by side on your iPad, and drag and drop photos, links, contacts, and more from one app to another.

How to migrate from Android to iPhone

See how the Migrate iOS app can help you easily transfer your photos, messages, and more from your Android device to your new iPhone.

Apple Watch Series 4 Watching Your Activity History

With Apple Watch and the Activity app, it's easy to see all your activity and training history.

Apple Watch Series 4 Using Siri

With Apple Watch and Siri, what you order is fine.

Apple Watch Series 4 How to Set a Running Goal

With Apple Watch, you choose from four different types of running goals, and you can add pace alerts when you go out for a run.

Apple Watch Series 4 How to Change Your Movement Goal

Set a realistic daily goal to burn calories. And when you hit the goal, you only increase.

Very useful, isn't it?