Apple closed breach used by FBI and other agencies on iOS 12

Using GrayKey to Unlock iPhones Spreads in US – Contrary to FBI Saying

We have already explained in detail here how the Graykey, the infamous black box from a somewhat obscure company called Grayshift that unlocks any iPhone running recent versions of iOS.

We also mentioned that the United States Department of State has already tried to buy yours to perform legal operations and unlock iPhones recovered from criminals or suspects. Now we have the next step in the natural continuation of this story.

Grayshift GrayKey

According to a report by Motherboard, police from various US states and localities already have a GrayKey to call yourby unlocking iPhones at your pleasure. Forces such as Maryland State Police, Indiana State Police, and Miami-Dade State Police are some of those cited by the industry as already holding one or more black boxes or receiving one very soon.

THE CIA He has also taken the scorpion out of his pocket to buy the relatively inexpensive tool (“relatively” because Cellebrite's unlocking an iPhone, for example, costs hundreds of times more). Drug-fighting departments are also interested in GrayKey, according to sources.

But why is this a problem, exactly? Well, in addition to the use of the tool being, as I said, on the threshold of legality with respect to privacy breach and civil law in general, the information also contradicts statements recently made by the FBI. The security agency has stated on several occasions that options for unlocking iPhones among US law enforcement are waning and that this is disrupting a number of current investigations.

The FBI statements that if the information brought by the Motherboard proceed, only liars can be the way for another round of lobby Apple is asked to create a special operating system with purposeful breaches that allow it to access such data at any time, which Apple has always strongly denied and shows no sign of going back.

For the FBI, of course, it's much more convenient to have a special system and be able to access any iPhone without moving a straw than having to spend time and money on GrayKey or any other third party unlocking solution. But strategies to try to convince Apple and public opinion may not be the noblest, it seems.

via 9to5Mac