Using Google Photos: Complete Guide to Features

Google Photos: Getting to know the app in depth

When you install Google Photos for the first time, the app will provide some options for backups and automatic syncing. Perform setup, then wait for your images to be displayed in a new gallery within the app. Google Photos is designed to be simple and intuitive, so the menu on the left side of the app centralizes all the functionality the service offers. At the bottom are important shortcuts: "Assistant", "Photos", "Albums" and "Share".

In the left menu you will find shortcuts to more basic features such as Device Folders, File and Trash. But there are other smart ones like "Share Library" (with others), "Free Space" that more automatically deletes images on your mobile device, "Scan Photos" than PhotoScan from Google Photos, and finally "Settings" "," Send Feedback, "and" Help. "

google photos settings
Google Photos left menu / AndroidPIT

The "Assistant" option works similar to Google Now, offering cards with adjustment alerts and exploitable tools. The Wizard suggests albums, identifies stylized photos, and even creates animations. In addition, it makes usage proposals, such as "Rediscover This Day", and highlights features such as "Clean Up the Mess" and "Suggested Rotations," which change the orientation of images that were supposed to be horizontal and are vertical.

The "Photos" item shows all the images on your camera roll, as in "albums" you will find suggestions for albums created with the help of Google's artificial intelligence. Google Photos is able to create albums of "People and Animals" by identifying faces and faces of animals, "Places", "Miscellaneous", "Videos", "Collages", "Animations", and "Movies". It also shows photo albums on the device: "Camera", "Screenshoots", "WhatsApp Images", "Download", "Instagram" and several others besides the albums you created in the app.

Finally, the "Share" feature, which shows the albums you created and shared with people, and before that, suggestions for sharing that Google makes based on the people it finds in your images. This may be a little scary at first glance, but let's face it, when doesn't Google's intelligence scare you?

google photos menu shortcuts
Google Photos does it all / AndroidPIT

As we might expect from Google, the search option works exceptionally well and where its power lies. Touch the bar at the top of the app and search for places or things that will be identified in your photos and returned as a result. Tap on any of the displayed categories to expand the selection: Videos, Selfies, Screenshots and Movies are good examples. You can also search by dates, people and businesses using the search. If your photos have generic names, type any letter or number to see similar results.

Google Photos is too smart: It can recognize places and even people. To let magic happen, try touching the face of a frequent person in your life and linking a contact name to that person. All photos in which it appears will be grouped. It also works for animals, as Stella showed.

google animal photos 3
Pigeon Pi now a tag / AndroidPIT

Google Photos: Editing and Sharing

Most Google+ image editing features have been moved to the new Google Photos. Select any image and as soon as it opens larger you will see two menus, the traditional three dots at the top left giving you some less used, more traditional options, and at the bottom four options than to do with an image: Share, and You can enter a name, phone number, or email, or choose one of the smart options Google gives you from below, both from people and apps: there is the option to link, email , WhatsApp, Facebook, and other compatible applications that are installed on your device. The generate link option allows the recipient to view and download the image, and nothing more.

Next comes Edit, where you can apply filters, change Lighting and Color settings in general or in detail, and finally Image Rotation, icon that allows you to crop and rotate the selected image by rotating the photo at different angles. . You can always cancel all changes made to the image using the "Reset" button. The other icons are self explanatory: Photo Info and Trash.

google photos edition
Edit Paulo Higa / AndroidPIT

Google Photos: Web Verse

Google Photos has a browser-optimized version that can be accessed at All photos synced on the device are displayed on the web version. The interface and navigation mode is similar to the application, with the same contexts and information layout.

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Google Photos: Browser verse. / ANDROIDPIT
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The upper part has the magnifying glass and the search field, which can be used with the terms we mentioned earlier. In addition, you will be able to find a Upload right of the search box, which allows you to upload photos stored on your computer or from any connected USB drive.

The web version provides access to Google Drive, allowing you to create a Google Photos folder so you can view them between your Drive folders. You can use this option to sync photos from your computer directly to the Google Photos folder within Drive if needed. All options for image editing are also present in the web version.

Finally, and somewhat confusing, there is an option on the web version that allows you to view the images stored in Google Drive within Google Photos. This option simply displays the images that have not yet been transferred to the new photo service without the editing option.

Google Photos
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This article was written in partnership with David Nield, Bruno Salutes and Camila Rinaldi from AndroidPIT.

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