Rumors point to a new iPhone SE coming this month or early 2018

Users report problems with Bluetooth connections on iPhone SE; Apple is investigating

New product, new headaches for Apple: some users are reporting problems with the quality of telephone calls made via Bluetooth in the newly released iPhone SE on various Internet forums.

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According to early adopters, when trying to make a call in the car or a headset connected to the new iPhone via Bluetooth, the audio sounds full of crashes, interference and sudden drops, making the experience almost impossible. This problem also affects, for some users, the voice of GPS navigation, but, strangely, music does not suffer from the failure, regardless of the source Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify or whatever.

It is still unknown whether it is a hardware or software issue. While the second option would be easily corrected through a system update, the first would be potentially problematic for Apple, involving a recall to correct the fault. On the other hand, what is known is that, for the affected users, the problem persists even after reconnecting or restoring the device, which is not the best sign.

Ma, in fact, is apparently aware of the problem and its engineers are already working on a solution as a top priority. The Apple Support Community user Ross_H_D says he is “working with a high level support person” and, according to this source, “this has already become a very real problem internally and the resources are already dedicated to a solution” in Cupertino.

Hopefully this problem will be fixed soon, as in October 2014, when some users had problems connecting their iPhones 6/6 Plus to the automotive Bluetooth sound systems. In that situation, the flaw was quickly corrected when Apple released iOS 8.1 at the end of the month.

[via MacRumors]