users report error to sign in

'Saya tidak bisa masuk ke Instagram': pengguna melaporkan kesalahan untuk masuk

«There was a problem signing in to Instagram. Try again soon»: this is an error message that has been appearing for some users this Friday afternoon (28). According to reports on the Internet, it is not possible to log into Instagram and the app warns you of a problem signing in. Despite the complaints, dnetc tested the application and managed to access the social network normally. We also contacted Instagram’s advisory in Brazil, who said he was investigating the case.

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According to Downdetector, a platform that monitors the functioning of services on the web, Instagram started to have problems around 14:30. The website indicates that most error reports come from Europe, but it is also possible to see complaints in the United States and Brazil, especially in the Southeast. Some users comment that they are unable to log in and, consequently, cannot post photos or view the feed or Stories.

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In Google Trends, a tool that monitors searches on the web, it is possible to see an increase in the number of searches in the last hour for the term «I can’t sign in to Instagram», as well as for the error «There was a problem signing in to Instagram. Please try again soon. »

On Twitter, several people complained about problems logging into Instagram. Apparently, the error happens both in the mobile application and in the web version, but it must be a temporary failure. See below some user reports.

For now, there is nothing that can be done to get Instagram back to normal. As it must be a fault in the app, the best alternative is to wait for the correction. Despite this, there are some actions that the user can try to correct the problem, such as clearing the cache or uninstalling and installing the application again. Still, there is no way to guarantee that Instagram will work again.