Users report Bluetooth issues on iPhones XS / XS Max; Apple investigates LTE issue

Any launch has its dose of problems and users facing up to the pitch and of course with the XS / XS Max iPhones It could not be different.

We are already talking about complaints from owners of new handsets affected by possible problems with their network connections. LTE; From yesterday to today, more information arrived on how Apple is dealing with the case at the same time a new policy emerged, this one with the Bluetooth.


As reported by MacRumors, Apple is conducting tests with some users of new handsets that have contacted Apple to warn of alleged LTE network connection issues. According to one of the users, Ma has asked him to install a signal recorder on his device so that the company can find out if there are any serious problems to be solved on the new iPhone and the practice seems to be common among affected users.

Apple contacted me just now to ask me some questions about my iPhone XS Max connection issues; They are researching some affected users and asking us to install a signal recorder to track my connection to the tower.

It is not yet known whether Apple will apply any practical measures to the problem, depending on the scenario, depending on the results the company will obtain from the tests being conducted. If any news comes out of this imbroglio here, we will be connected.


The new problem of stopping, in turn, was brought by the AppleInsider. Some owners of the new iPhones are reporting to Apple Support Forums that there are occasional issues facing their devices when connecting to Bluetooth accessories or sound systems.

Sygic on CarPlay

Most reports talk of problems connecting smartphones to automotive entertainment systems, but other accessories, such as speakers and headphones, are also mentioned. The issue is that iPhones are having trouble connecting to devices, often failing in the middle of the process or disconnecting communication over time for no apparent reason; One possible solution, of “forgetting” the target device to retry the connection, only works for a few minutes until the problem reappears.

Some users claim that the issue can be resolved with a future iOS 12 update, as on previous occasions newly launched iPhones had problems with the Bluetooth connection (especially in cars) and the glitches were fixed after the first update. Still, Apple has not commented on the issue so far and we do not know if iOS 12.1 brings any solution to the problem we will keep an eye.

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Anyone suffering from either problem? In the XS / XS Max iPhones here on the team, we didn't see either of them manifesting. Leave your experiences below.