Users experience device performance improvements with iOS 12

Users experience device performance improvements with iOS 12

O iOS 12 It may have been a bucket of cold water for some users waiting for more significant changes in Apple's flagship operating system. On the other hand, some people are already testing the new version and first impressions, considering we are in the first beta of iOS 12, have been positive about stability and performance.

During yesterday's keynote, Craig Federighi (Apple's senior vice president of software engineering) presented the key features of the new software and many are precisely related to performance and stability. For the executive, the goal is to really make the most of hardware, including older devices.

Our deepest focus this year is to optimize the system when it is under load; what you need the most performance and where iOS 12 really shines.

On an iPhone 6 Plus released four years ago as a demonstration on stage, apps open up to 2x faster, the keyboard displays 50% faster and the open camera 70% faster. Also, another good news is that all devices that currently support iOS 11 will run iOS 12 long life on iPhone 5s!

The YouTube Channel iAppleBytes shared several videos comparing the performance between iOS 11.4 and the first beta of iOS 12 across different devices. In the video below, the comparison is made on an iPhone 8.

Federighi also emphasized the intelligence of iOS 12. Now the system detects when the user needs a performance boost (such as starting scrolling or opening an app), boosting processing to the maximum, providing immediate high performance that be reduced with the use of the device to preserve battery life.

On social networks, users show how some tasks are performed with incredible speed and performance, such as the simple act of searching:

The search is much faster on iOS 12.

Brazilian Johnny Mendes published the results of the test conducted by Geekbench on iPhone X, comparing the numbers obtained with iOS 12 and iOS 11.3.1, respectively:

As can be seen, the results show that iPhone X GPU performance was 17% higher in the first beta of iOS 12 compared to iOS 11.3.1. Overall, device hardware features performed better with iOS 12, including facial detection performance.

For a first beta, iOS 12 is so far meeting the expectations of several users who have been waiting for improvement since the release of iOS 11 which has been reputed to be slow and buggy. However, by mid-September other news should come and we hope that such changes do not imply the reduction in performance we are seeing.

via 9to5Mac