Users dissatisfied with new MacBook keyboard [Pro] sue Apple

Users dissatisfied with new MacBook keyboard [Pro] sue Apple

At the beginning of the month, we talked about a petition created by an owner of MacBook Pro launched in 2016. The purpose of the direct document: Over 22,000 subscribers want Ma to make the mistake in keyboard design (the so-called butterfly mechanism arrived to replace the old "scissors") and put a recall into practice.

Now, behold, the first collective action against Mae has even cited the undersigned, as there is basically a repository of dissatisfied users.

Filed with the Northern California District Court, the action (as well as the undersigned) criticizes Apple's keyboard design, claiming that it is defective. Worse, they said that Apple knew about the defect before and yet released the new keyboard with the 12 ″ MacBooks in 2015 (without changing the design).

According to the document, “Thousands” of MacBook (Pro) owners have already suffered from some kind of “butterfly” keyboard failure, making the machine useless by claiming that the design allows small amounts of dust or debris to get under the keyboard. keyboard and prevent the normal behavior of the key, so that they are not registered when pressed Apple itself kind of agrees with this on this support page that teaches how to clean the keyboard of the machines. In some cases, of course, the keyboard fails and forces owners to take their notebooks to an Apple store or Apple Authorized Service Center for repair (a costly offset, especially if the computer is already out of warranty) .

The plaintiffs have alleged many things, including breach of express warranty, good faith agreement, implied warranty, California Unfair Competition Act, California Consumer Legal Consent Act, fraudulent concealment and more. They seek damages, attorneys' fees, that Apple publicly disclose the flawed keyboard design and pay to remedy or replace the defective units, and reimburse possible purchases of replacement machines.

via AppleInsider